Friday, March 11, 2011

rhyme on the end

First of all, I'm going to plug my lulu link for anyone who feels generous enough to send 15-odd dollars my way: purchase Portraits of People I Wish I Could Be! Or you can download a digital file for 99 cents. can just look at the photos for free on my flickr account. But hey! I don't judge. Do what you gotta do.

I'm quite relieved for this project to be over; frankly, I feel exhausted by my own ego at this point, and I've become somewhat paranoid that you poor people in my class (who have been forced to listen to me talk incessantly about myself for the past 10 weeks) have all become stockholm-syndromed into appreciating my project.

I really enjoyed both the process and the final output of this course, however--I love dithering around in Photoshop endlessly, and now I am also able to dither around in InDesign for as long as it please me--also a useful program to know how to use, considering I want to go into the design field. But I think it is time to mess around with other projects instead. Or maybe I will start taking commissions to photoshop other people's faces onto things?? Maybe this is how I will become internet-famous. And, of course, I enjoyed myself immensely in regards to my concept. I picked something I would like doing from beginning to end, and though I'm tired, I think it's mostly because I can definitely feel that my project has reached its natural end.

Thanks for all of your input, dudes & ladies! Best of luck with the end of term.


  1. I think it's neat how well your project turned out, and it's good that you got to learn a new program in the process. The concept is rather interesting, and it makes me wonder what other sort of possibilities there are for art projects done entirely focused on using photoshop. Perhaps there is some place on the internet for some commissions in this vein - who knows? Looking around, you may find something.

  2. I always think replacing heads in Photoshop has inherent hilarity, so I really liked how your project turned out. Everything was very well done and clean. And how do you feel about bartering? I'll trade you three Bat-Forks for a book. Sound good? Ok cool.

  3. I agree, your book turned out pretty sharp. And I would also consider some kind of book trade though I have only one copy, myself and it isn't necessarily equivalent. Though a book for a book sounds like a good deal in theory.

  4. A quote from Kristen Bell:

    "I hated being "Kristen Anne" growing up. And when I was about four I decided I really wanted to be called "Smurfette." And so I told my whole family, "I will now be known as Smurfette. I'm not gonna answer to anything else." And I was obsessed with the Smurfs. And so for a while, I didn't answer to anything but Smurfette;"

  5. In the end, the editing (and reading!) of the quotes gave your project gravitas beyond what we expected. It was moving to see how pop culture can be transcendent even for those growing up in Wisconsin far away from the cultural hubs of LA and NYC. Your use of Web 2.0 tools is impressive. Your clean design sensibility is appealing demonstrating how these accessible tools can be made into elegant vehicles for artists to express their ideas without getting bogged down in cutesy Web 2.0 clutter. Exquisite!